maandag 26 november 2012

Watchman Video Broadcast 11-21-12, The Translation Part 3

Visit - Pastor Mike Hoggard continues with part three of the series on the Translation of the Gentile Church, the Ten Commandments.

The Bible is such a vast storehouse of types, similitudes, and ensamples that God placed before us to truly understand what is going to happen in the future by what has happened in the past. As promised in the last teaching, Pastor Mike explains that Moses and the giving of the ten commandments foreshadows the first and second coming of Jesus Christ. It's a beautiful and precise analogy. The translation (or rapture) of the church has everything to do with life and death. If you believe the Bible, you must believe this. It is the very essence of Jesus Christ, His first coming and rejection and His second coming and acceptance.

Part Four of this series will deal with the revelation of the man of sin, the key to which is found in the days of Noah. Just as Adam and Eve were given a choice in the Garden of Eden, the Jews were given a choice between Barabbas and Jesus, we will have a clear choice between Jesus and the antichrist.

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