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Live gestreamd op 27 feb. 2015
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Pt 1
Today we are discussing How the FCC vote will pave the way for the new
Supercomputer with CERN & our thoughts on the mark of the beast.
Satan wants to be God and RULE our very souls! This (new world system) we will be discussing that involves the TPP World Leaders,how Obamacare laws will be worldwide, corporate leaders are going to take over; and there will be a one world ID Biometric Electronic RFID (which in latin RFID means Rite of the Devil)!< this is in Obamacare laws!
Why is Obama chosen to lead the TPP and the Internet? How does this play into the end times with CERN?


PART 2 ( I will link both shows)
In Part 2 we will continue to discuss the New supercomputer and how it Will affect the world! There are already Mandatory Biometric IDs to cross certain Borders! All of these things the world leaders have been doing is because of the biblical signs and things that are to come. Our goal is to understand the end times and to wake up more everyday and to help others to be Aware of the TRUTH! Why we need JESUS and how he is the true GATEWAY not the COMPUTER!

There Goal is to resurrect the Antichrist (Osiris Apollo Cain Samuel Hermes Thoth) from the ABYSS! they want a new golden AGE! this is the time with SATURN aka SATAN ruled the Golden Age of Aquarius ..

If you understand CERN and the instruments that are as the Ancients you will know that CERN that represents Saturn and 666 has a Goal underway that connects to the internet and the mark of the Beast!

We have biblical signs in the 4 blood moons
The black Sackcloth sun March 20
(judgement on the gentiles)
Cern starting up March 23 and the new moon
Sept 24 the end of Shmitah & 49 weeks of Daniel
Sept CERN will start a more powerful Collider
In their own words they are trying to open a portal!
The abyss- see the PICS on the video with Cern the sanskrit
glass plates and the musical zodiac - this is the new Egyptian Solar energy boat
the theory is saturn is moved from where it used to be theres a energy force from CERN that will connect to the Abyss (Tehom) netherworld

The question is Will CERN Open the ABYSS? What condition will the world be in with the new forced laws on the world? They are not going to tell us their plans.

We have the BIBLE and the HOLY Spirit to Guide us in these times and Each other!

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